Big News!

We have some exciting changes coming for our Kindergarten students and Leaders!

Big News!NEW SPACE! (sort of)
Beginning September 4th we will implement the next phase of our ministry and building expansion when we move our Kindergarten students to the Clubhouse for the entirety of the service, also freeing up classroom space for our expanding younger age groups. As we have been praying and consulting, researching and planning, we believe this move will allow us to create space and place for even more kids to come experience the life changing discipleship that is second to none here at Westside. It will also lend more so to the small group, relationship-building culture that we know is key in discipling others to know and follow Jesus. In the Clubhouse we will be able to group kids in smaller groups with more focus on opportunities for leaders to build deeper relationships with their few.

The relationship is the glue that binds the biblical truth to the heart of a child.

For those of you who served in the ROCK in the past with Kindergarteners, this ministry style will be very familiar to you, with only a few small exceptions.

In addition to the new classrooms that will be available for our younger age groups with this move, we are thrilled to announce 2 NEW rooms we will be adding this fall! The first room will be a fun room, available to the 3-5 year old who currently attend for more than one service hour allowing their parents to serve in ministry. The second will be a quiet room for those kids that may need a break during the service hour to refocus energy. Your team coach and team leader will have more information.

We look forward to hearing the testimonies of stronger relationships and new experiences as we dive in, ready for all God has in store for our team and this ministry. We know this will be an exciting and fruitful new adventure for our kids, our team, and the Kingdom!


2 thoughts on “Big News!

  1. I’m so glad to there will be another option for Tyler to go for the second service he attends…he’s been begging to go with us to our service lately. 🙂


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